You are moving? -> There is a good alternative to cardboard packing!
We rent "green" plastic boxes. This is usable & eco-friendly solution. It's even cheaper.
We are moving company, we offer transport.


What is Starbox ?

When it comes to move, comes a problem too. Starbox is all about this problem.
At first starbox is smarter alternative to cardboard boxes. It is reusable plastic moving box and stress-free solution.
These plastic boxes are environmentally friendly, time saving and cost efficient packing solution.

If you're getting ready to pack up for a residential or business move, we've got great news for you:
- It's no longer necessary to go out and buy a bunch of new or used cardboard boxes (or scrounge around for some old ones), use them once and then throw them away!
Now there's a better way that's good for your wallet and the environment: our rentable and reusable moving boxes. Renting is cheaper than buying new cardboard moving boxes. Movers can stack them higher in their trucks, load and offload faster reducing labor dollars at both locations. Crush proof Recopacks protect your property during transport and you don't have to worry about paying extra waste disposal fees with our Zero-Waste moving alternative. When you're done moving, we pick them up, hand inspect, clean, sanitize and then rent them to another client. We're in business to save you time, money and our Planet! It's incredibly easy Your order of boxes will be delivered direct to your door and then picked up after you have them all unpacked. They have got comfortable handles, stack perfectly, are easily locked during transport (eliminating potential theft of your valuable property), are crush proof, dust-proof and water resistant. Each box is hand inspected, cleaned and then sanitized before and after each use. Movers love them too because they stack higher, load and unload faster, and don't fall apart like new or used cardboard moving boxes.

You've just googled "moving box". These are cardboard boxes, not a moving ones which must be blue and plastic! :D  
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Delivered in many friendly sizes, they are ready to pack!

In short, boxes are the perfect moving boxes for a country on the move, without trashing our environment. We rent boxes in weekly time blocks, giving you time to pack up before your move and unpack once you get there. If you need an extra week because of an unforeseen delay in your move, don't worry, our rates are discounted for additional weeks. It's just that simple - It's moving made simple. Think about all the time you'll save by not building and breaking down cardboard moving boxes on your move! Cardboard moving boxes don't make sense. Do you ever wonder why we're cutting down our trees to make cardboard moving boxes that are used once, maybe twice, and then tossed into a landfill? After all, cardboard boxes aren't just wasteful and inefficient, they're also expensive, hard to tape, hard to stack, easily crushed, dirty and dusty. With over 16% of the population packing and moving each year, don’t you think it's time for a CHANGE? You have the ability to choose between disposability and sustainability - and you'll be excited to learn that choosing sustainability and moving green actually saves you money! Each box is inspected, hand-cleaned and then sanitized before and after every use. By saying "YES" to Recopacks and "ADIOS" to cardboard boxes, you're joining us on our mission to change the way America packs and moves, without trashing our planet! At Rent-A-Green Box, we're absolutely fanatical about using trash as a new untapped resource to help save our planet. We created this industry, we built it and we lead it.

Green Plastic Moving Boxes VS Cardboard Moving Boxes


  • Collect
  • Build
  • Break
  • Dispose
  • Total Time:


  • 3-4 hours
  • 2-3 hours
  • 1-2 hours
  • 1 hour
  • 7-10 hours


  • 0 - we drop them off
  • 0 - just fill them
  • 0 - just stack them
  • 0 - we pick them up
  • 0 - Enjoy your place!

price list :

packet 1 - 20 boxes (10+10 small & big)
1 week- 120lv.
2 weeks- 160lv.
next weeks- 120lv./each
packet 2 - 50 boxes (25+25 small & big)
1 week- 200lv.
2 weeks- 264lv.
next weeks- 80lv./each
packet 3 - 75 boxes (25+50 small & big)
1 week- 280lv.
2 weeks- 368lv.
next weeks- 120lv./each
packet 4 - 100 boxes (50+50 small & big)
1 week- 360lv.
2 weeks- 480lv.
next weeks- 160lv./each

Are you sure ?

Hopefully by now we've got you convinced that renting a "star" box is- -cheaper, faster and easier way to pack, when it comes to move your property.
So let's get started!

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